Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wish upon a star

I had this gorgeous fabric in my stash for a while and have been contemplating what to do with it....
The star pattern on the fabric inspired me to make a Farbenmix Anna dress.

The front of the dress is fully lined with the batik. I then sewed stars onto the fabric and cut the denim layer off, essentially doing reverse appliques.

I then dug into my ric rac to select some colours for the back of the dress. At this point I'd like to share a tip with you. Don't just shove 75 metres of ric rac into a drawer along with your other bits of trim. It makes a horrid mess which took me over 2 hours to sort out! OUCH! Hmmmm, maybe that is what made my shoulder sore, not the cutting out of 3 Quiara shirts.

Speaking of the Quiara shirts they are part of my next dyeing adventure. I have some ideas in my head that I hope I am going to be able to execute. Stay tuned for those.

I've been on a sewing roll...I made Moo a pair of pants from Ottobre 01/08, the "Jump" sweatpants. I made them from this super soft pink velour. The only problem was that I didn't take into account the fact that the pattern calls for ribbing for the waistband. I tried using the velour for the waistband forgetting that it has nowhere near the stretch as ribbing. In the end I just cut the waistband larger. I love the look of these pants.

I ended up making these pants again in white velour with a ribbing waistband. I am going to dye them and a velour Quiara to go together.

Monday, April 21, 2008

All about moi!

My darling husband always tells me that it's not about me. Well, this time it is. I made a couple of things for myself. I made myself a top, Simplicity 3768. It went together ok, but I've decided I just don't like the directions. I prefer Ottobre's instructions. I prefer the way Ottobre fits. I did add a bit in length because I hate it when my shirts are too short. I also used the 3/4 length sleeves from another shirt in the pattern. I do like trumpet sleeves, but they bother me when I am trying to cook. Enough waffle, here it is...
Then I made myself the Amy Butler Chelsea Tote. I made it from Amy Butler Pink Henna Paisley on the outside and pink corriander on the inside. I made it to carry around books or different crafty bits. I thought it would be more stylish than a green bag. I had my local model demo it for me.
Here's the inside fabric. Please ignore the dodgy handle. I used a relatively thick interfacing and didn't compensate for it. when cutting the handles.
And it can also be used as a hat

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sweet as Cherry Pie!

Crafty Mamas is having a competition for best Euro inspired project. I just couldn't resist coming up with something for the comp. I usually don't have the time, but I am done with orders and don't have a market until next month. And the prize is a good motivator!

I really should have taken a photo of when I pulled out the stash looking for just the right thing to use. My bed looked like a fabric shop! I don't think DH was impressed, nor should I be reminding him how much fabric I do have!

For the outfit I used Ottobre's Creative workshop 301 t-shirt pattern. It's just a great basic shirt. I used a cotton spandex rib knit that I had around and appliqued cherries to the front of the shirt. The sleeves and hem have been finished with a lettuce edge.

For the skirt I used Farbenmix's Insa skirt. I've had this skirt pattern for a few months, but hadn't had a chance to try it out. The cherry fabric is a super soft and lovely corduroy from Robert Kaufman. I bought this fabric from a co-op in the US not knowing what i would do with it.

The under skirt is a red corduroy that I bought from Spotlight on the clearance table last year. I bought it with the intention of making Will some pants, but now that won't happen as I only bought 1 metre of that fabric and most of it is gone now.

Here's a close up photo of the skirt. The bottom of the under-skirt is trimmed with pink ric rac and green ribbon with white dots. Where the yoke joins the skirt a red grosgrain ribbon is sewn on. The red ribbon has a white running stitch along each edge.

After I made the skirt and Mollie tried it on. I thought it would look good ruched along the seams of the overskirt. This is actually something that is done with this pattern and is in the instructions. I took the skirt from Mollie and put the ruches in. Well, Mollie declared she didn't like it at all as it made the skirt poofy. So I ripped them out. The customer is always right. Right?!?!?!!?!

Love Olivia

I just love the Olivia pattern by Farbenmix. I have made the underdress a dozen times. Mollie just loves the Olivia. It's girly, has a great hood and makes a perfect playdress. This one was made with from a gorgeous floral frottee fabric that I bought from Banberry Place. The long sleeves and hood are a lime colored cotton/spandex. I put patches of the frottee on the sleeve and hood. The sleeves are a faux layered look which almost didn't happen since I lost one of the short sleeves which I cut out and I had so little fabric left. My sewing angel must have been looking over me as I was able to find just enough to get another sleeve cut.

I also decided that I would try to make friends with my cover stitch machine. I was able to get it to work to hem both sleeves, but couldn't get it to work again to do the hem on the dress. I have looked at some of the things I did when I first got the cover stitch, and I think Will did something to the machine when it was in the cupboard as i can't get the stitching that nice again.

Mollie insisted on wearing this dress to school two days in a row because she likes it so much. I'm a pleased mama.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another year older!

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday with some of my friends.It was an adventure getting there. Friends running late, friends' car overheating. Quick dash to collect all friends, bar one, fixed the problem. Arrive at favourite restaurant 1 hour later than original booking! The meal was fantastic, the company was excellent and the kids were mostly well behaved.
The restaurant has a lovely garden out back which the kids enjoyed running around in. The consensus was that Will looked like a Pommy raver with his clothes, sunnies, hat and dummy. It's definitely a look!

Here's a picture of Ed helping Will walk through the garden. So cute!!!!
I barely had the camera out as I was enjoying the day. I should have taken photos of all the beautiful food that I ate. I had delicious TIbetean momos. They were so perfectly crisp on the bottom and were served with a very yummy eggplant salad. I loved the contrast of texture between the crispy momo and the soft eggplant. I had Red Braised Mt Tomah Chicken with Soy Beans, Deep Fried Salt & Pepper Tofu for my main. Lovely balance of flavours. Mollie loved the the salt and pepper tofu!
And for dessert I had a divine chocolate dessert of chocolate gel, chocolate pate' and chocolate crumbs. Yet again it was an enjoyable mix of textures. The gel was fantastic, not at all rubbery or slimy. In the centre of the gel was a syrup. It was amazingly citrusy. My friend Pam asked the chef about it and found out it was lemon verbena syrup. Then Pam was given two jars of the syrup from the chef and some lemon verbena leaves, so she could make her own! On the way home, Pam said to me I get why you dragged us all the way up here for lunch!

Ok, for a bit of craftiness for this entry. Today I bought a sewing cabinet! I am glad I'd been dithering about it. It was on sale for Mothers Day. Now I have to wait a couple of weeks to get it.