Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bejewelled princess

Here's Miss Moo sporting her new earrings. So far, so good. They seem to be healing well.
moo with earrings

Missy Moo is wearing a hat that I bought my senior year of Wellesley. I think I bought it the day after Ed and I drank too much. Ed was depressed he didn't get into the masters program. I was old enough to purchase the grog. Ed ended up spending most of the night spewing in the second floor head at the frat house. I slept on the lounge and in the morning when he still wasn't fit to do anything, I left him to walk along Newbury Street. I went into this hat shop and bought that velvet hat. I still love it, and I am going to wear it this winter. Moo found it because I was shifting things into the new wardrobe (closet) in our bedroom.

Moo also found some jewelry and dressed up her brother. I don't know why she put her skirt on him.
my sister dressed me

And here they are together.
bro and sis
3 days. Not long to go now. Grandma arrives in 3 days. I also have a significant birthday that day.


zofia said...

Ah, that shot is a glimpse into her a little older I think.
Beautiful pics.
T has Zeb running after the 'Fairy Angel', as her little Baby Angel!

mermaids said...

a princess, indeed. love the hat story

Tas said...

She looks all grown up! And Will just looks perplexed...he can't figure out why he is wearing a skirt either obviously. I wont tell everyone that you are turning 40 this year, OK?

willow and moo said...

Yeah, ok, Tassie, that secret is just between you and me. ;)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I love the hat and the story behind it........oh to be 40 again....

Gill in Canada

Peta said...

Gorgeous photos Sara, she looks very pretty with her earrings and they both look so cute together.

toadstooldots said...

Great pictures! And the hat story too.

I don't show this my DD, she is in our ears with "wanting earrings" for a while, but we refused it because of her swimming every week. But she has nearly softened us.

Hope you will have well settled in in the next days!

xoxo uta

Gilly said...

So glad the earrings are healing well :) I love the hat!