Thursday, February 23, 2012

Xater x 2

Pattern:  Farbenmix Xater
Fabrics:  JNY, Hilco and Stenzo knits.  Most came from Crafty Mamas.

One for Moo and one for Will.  Moo's is the slim cut version, and Will's is the wider cut.

Milli Star Xater front

Milly Star Xater closeup

Rainbow Xater 2

Both love their tops.  Will didn't want to put his in the laundry basket tonight, so it could be washed.  Moo has worn hers two days in a row.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little bit bright

Yes, I know the top is bright.  I love Stenzo's bright floral prints.   This pattern is an old favourite.  I've made it 4 times before and one being my most favourite shirts ever.  Pattern is Ottobre Woman 02/08 #1, pin tuck top.

Otto pintuck top1

I made the above top one size smaller than the other tops.  It's interesting to see me in the first top I made.  I know I still have a long way to go with losing weight (thanks asshole who gave me whooping cough and totally stuffed up my exercise routine), but I can see a difference.  It's nice to see that!

Otto t-shirt 02/08 #1

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sun Kissed Hat

When I saw this pattern, I knew I was going to buy it.  The last hat I made for myself is quite sun safe, but it's big and a bit heavy on the head.   I made one Sun Kissed Hat for me and one for Mollie.  Both are the same except Moo's is a size smaller than mine.  Inner and Outer fabrics are Stenzo poplins.

Hat Front

Hat Back

The only reason I didn't make Will one is that his Lazy Day robot hat still fits.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Quick and easy

My friend, Lisa, made these super cute shorts for her daughter, so I though Mollie could use some too!

I made them using some Stenzo rose print knit and a Stella knit waistband.

LBB shorts

LBB shorts back

These shorts are really easy and fast to put together.  They'd make a good beginner project for sewing knit fabrics.

On a more serious note I have been diagnosed with whooping cough.  More accurately my self diagnosis was confirmed with lab results even though my doctor was skeptical. Anyway, smarty pants me was right, but really I wish I wasn't.  My doctor also thought my need for antiobiotics was borderline.  Yet again, I don't think I agree with her choice, but now it's a moot point because if I started the antibiotics tomorrow, I would be past the 3 week mark.   So right now I am trying to avoid people while I go about my life.  

So when you wish me well and hope that I get better soon.  I won't be better soon.  Whooping cough is also known as the 100 day cough.  Hopefully the hardcore whooping cough episodes will pass in a couple weeks, but I will be coughing for weeks.   The only positive is that I feel okay when I'm not coughing, but let's just say waking up the middle of the night and coughing uncontrollably then gasping for air IS NOT FUN.