Monday, August 29, 2011

And the recipient of iron-on velours is


I used the random number generator, and I can't for some reason remember how to cut and paste. So you have to trust me that it chose #12 out of 12 options. I removed my comment and Cherie's comment from consideration.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy, happy, Joy, joy Kit Kat

So you want to guess what flavour this Kit Kat is?
japanese kit kat

A friend gave this to the other half today. His sister brought it back from Japan. We have no idea what the flavour is, but we don't think it's chocolate!
Here's the back
kit kat back

Isn't the pack cute? It has a place to put To: and From: if you want to give it as a gift.

So have a guess. I'll send the closest guess a few iron-on velours. And perhaps I'll send the most amusing answer some too.
Going crazy making velours

The "L" and the "C" are for someone one, but I can pick out a few from this pile for the winners. If you have a boy and are willing to wait, I can cut some bugs or stars or something more suitable for a boy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hoot, Hoot

Two Hilde tops in Farbenmix Owl jersey and velours for twins.
Owl Hilde

If you haven't made Hilde before, it is worthwhile to know that the pattern runs slim. It is designed to be a close fitting shirt. This is the reason that I chose the pattern. The twins are slim and I didn't want the shirts to swim on them.
The twins' party was at the Galston Valley Railway. Lots of fun was had by all.
galston model railway 1

galston model railway 2

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Camp - Pearl Beach

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going away for the weekend with some fabulous and wonderful crafty women. While everyone else was busily sewing away on quilts, I was hogging the table with my 3 machines, so I could sew some clothes.

For Will I made 3 tops.
Ottobre 03/06 #26. Will really likes this top. He wore it on Tuesday.
owl t-shirt

Ottobre 02/05 #20 He wore this top on Wednesday.
monkey tshirt front

Ottobre 03/06 #30. The jury is still out on this top. Col says it looks like pajamas. I'll wait and see what Will says. If it is destined for pj's, I'm not bothered. I can quickly whip up some shorts to go with it.
toadstool t-shirt

Miss Moo got two tops.
One is a Farbenmix Hacktop. My friend, Peta, crocheted the band for me. I cut the mushroom iron-on on my Silhouette. So excited to use my first iron on that I cut!
Hacktop 1

Farbenmix Unella tunic top
unella front

unella back

I have another top cut out for Moo, but it won't get sewn up for a couple of weeks. We have two birthday parties coming up, and I have 3 tops that I need to make for those!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Time for new glasses?

Last night after getting home from a fabulous weekend away, I took off my glasses and went to clean them with my shirt (yes, I know it's naughty). And snap! So Moo went to get a spare pair, and it happened again!
broken glasses

Thankfully I own a 3rd pair of glasses. This is because my vision hasn't changed much in years. The glasses that I snapped were my "newest" at 5 years old. The ones with the broken screw are over 15 years old. I reckon the ones I am currently wearing are 10 years old.

Think it's time for some new glasses!