Monday, August 8, 2011

Time for new glasses?

Last night after getting home from a fabulous weekend away, I took off my glasses and went to clean them with my shirt (yes, I know it's naughty). And snap! So Moo went to get a spare pair, and it happened again!
broken glasses

Thankfully I own a 3rd pair of glasses. This is because my vision hasn't changed much in years. The glasses that I snapped were my "newest" at 5 years old. The ones with the broken screw are over 15 years old. I reckon the ones I am currently wearing are 10 years old.

Think it's time for some new glasses!


Tas said...

I still remember those gorgeous ones with the scroll work on the side that you found. I still think of them when it is time for me to go shopping for new glasses.

I agree- I think it might be time for some newies lol.

toadstooldots said...

Oh no... but I am sure you will find some nice new ones.

I really love my flexible ones (Silhouette and Swissflex), they weigh nearly nothing.

Karen said...

What are the odds of that!
My husband has a scratch on his cornea so had to wear his glasses on the weekend rather than contacts, it totally threw the girls!