Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tees for me

Since I've had some time at home, I've been doing some sewing.  I made myself some new t-shirts.  I've made all of these tops before, so it didn't require much thought.

My favourite thing about homemade shirts - they don't ride up in the front.  I think almost every store bought top I have bar some old maternity shirts end up too short in the front.  I try the t-shirts on in the shops, and the length is ok.  Then I wash them at home, and they are too short!  Ottobre's plus size patterns usually have some gathering/ease in the side seam which adds some extra fabric in the bust that combined with me adding a bit of length usually gives me a good result.  One day I will have to face up to doing a FBA on a t-shirt pattern, but for now I just keep sewing patterns that provide extra fabric in the front through gathers, pin tucks, etc.

Also the tops I make tend to fit through the shoulders instead of looking like a hanging sack.  Unfortunately I don't have any modeled photos, so you have to take my word on it.

Pattern:  Farbenmix Fano
Fabric:  Hilco Jaimie knit from a couple of winters ago

Stripy Fano

Pattern:  Ottobre 02/07 #4 with #3 sleeves
Fabric:  Stenzo rose print knit

Otto 02/07 #4 Rose print tshirt

Pattern:  Ottobre 05/09 #3 - no pockets and shortened
Fabric:  Mad Sky daisy knit

Otto 0509 Flower top

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Glasses

After breaking two pairs of my glasses in August I finally went to the optometrist to get new glasses.

I wanted something trendy and a bit colourful because the glasses I've been sporting lately are so 1990's.  Like seriously!

new glasses

Each arm of the frames has different colours

glasses side 1glasses side 2

I also picked up some contacts to trial.   Not that contacts are new to me.  I just never got any more after I used up my other ones.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cockatoo Island Adventure

One of my best friends turned 40 a couple of weekends ago.  It was a super celebration weekend as he and his partner rented the holiday houses on Cockatoo Island.  We had never been to Cockatoo Island.  It's in Sydney harbour at the junction of the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers.  I stressed about how we were going to get there with all of our luggage, but we were able to get a parking spot at the Woolwich wharf which is only one stop from Cockatoo Island.

The house is pretty special. 

federation duplex

the house

See that tree on the left.  There was a lovely table and chairs underneath it.  We sat out there a lot. 

The tennis court next to the house.

tennis court

Ed's party was on Saturday afternoon.  I didn't take very many pictures at the party which was at the Island Bar.   Here's the birthday boy at his party

the birthday boy
Happy Birthday Ed!

Here's Will partying down.

will party boy2

will party boy1
His poses made me laugh.

The same weekend was the beginning of the Outpost Project on the island, so we spent a bit of time looking at the art and doing some of the activities.

The chalk was really popular.

chalking with Mollie
We still don't know what "218?" is about.  Mollie is enigmatic at times.

Will conquers Ed.

Will conquers houseEd

Will recording his observations.

Will working

We had to correct someone's grammar.

correcting grammar

Some artsy stuff

cockatoo island buildings

skull house
This exhibit had this really dark music playing which echoed in the shed.  Mollie hated this work.  We discussed how sometimes art makes you uncomfortable.  Then we joked about how it just like where Daddy grew up.  (not really, really.  Col grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney which have a bad rep.)

There were tons of screenprinted t-shirts.  The KMFDM shirt made me giggle.

screenprinted shirts
For the record I am a Depeche Mode fan.   I bought Ed one of the specially screen printed shirts made there.



steve clare ed


There was lots more stuff that I didn't photograph.  It's definitely worth a trip over there if you are interested in this type of art.  My only word of warning is that if it is a really hot day, it's going to be stinking hot on the island.  There isn't much shade outside of the buildings.   And if you want an alcoholic drink, the bar will be full of hipsters out for a drink.

Waiting for the ferry to go home.

waiting to catch the ferry home

There are some photos that I haven't blogged which are interesting views or buildings or crazy psycho seagulls.

Thanks Ed & Steve for a wonderful weekend.  It was really great to meet some more of Ed's "family".  Ed had friends fly in from the US, NZ, up from Melbourne and down from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  I got to meet Ed's other woman, R, and Steve's sister.  The people made the weekend.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finally I've drawn the giveaway

I did it old school.  I printed the comments.

printed comments

Scrunched them up.  Mixed them up.

scrunched up

Closed my eyes and picked

Winner H

Congrats Helen!!!!

(now if you follow Helen's blog too, you might think it's a conspiracy as I've just won Helen's button giveaway, but it's not.  Must be karma or something because it was totally random.)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes, Again!

I was at Costco again, but in my defense I wasn't shopping for myself.  It's a special birthday for my friend, so we were doing party shopping.  I will admit to doing a teeny bit Chrismukah shopping for the kids too.   We told Will that the remote control helicopters were for Steve's nephew and niece!

So it was me, Ed, Steve, Armen and Will.  Will had a blast eating all of the samples with the boys.  Every time I turned around Will was helping or being entertained. 

Here Steve has put him up in a tent on display.

will and steve1

Steve also carried Will around on his shoulders.  Will dropped his ice block, and it fell down Steve's shirt which is why there are marks on it.

getting around

Ed with his favourite!  Excuse Ed's manic look.  This photo was taken at the end of our shopping trip, and he was a bit overstimulated from the shopping and the people.  Although I think I have quite a few photos of Ed with that expression.

Ed reeses

Look at the trolley!  Not the best photo of Armen & Ed, but it was the best photo to see the overflowing trolley.  There was even stuff on the bottom of the trolley which you can't see.

the shopping trolley

I have to giggle because you know you are getting older when your guy friends have substantially less hair than you remember from your days at university!