Sunday, February 3, 2013

Peace, love and happiness

A friend of Mollie's had a birthday back in December.  I made her a top.  I really wanted to make an effort to make a gift because Moo's friend was moving up to Queensland.

I used an old favourite, the Farbenmix Antonia pattern.  I didn't have enough of the pink daisy fabric for the whole top, so I used a matching green knit for the back. The sleeves and "ribbing" are a rainbow stripe knit from Crafty Mamas (love those Gala stripe knits!).   I also put a Love Bus embroidery on the front.  I enlarged it, but I think I should have kept it the standard large size.  Unfortunately you can't buy that embroidery design any more.

Love Bus Antonia Front

Love Bus Antonia Back

(ignore those shadowy spots.  there is something wrong with my little camera)