Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Ok, I hope this is legible.  I used and I can't figure out how to cut and paste from the site, so I printed to a file and then edited it.  The winning number is 40.

For the record I know I only had 45 comments on the blog, but I had a couple of friends on Facebook comment on my blog note, and I couldn't leave them out, so I just tacked them onto the end.

So Suzanne Walters is the winner.  The journal is heading for the Apple Isle!   Suzanne email me your address, and I'll get it on it's way to you!

Thank you again to everyone for the lovely comments.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for work

It's time for Will to go to work...although he's being referred to as Dad or Colin, and Mollie is saying she's Sara. Apparently it's fun to pretend to be your parents.

ready for work

I don't know how Will manages to walk around in Col's shoes, but he does!

Mollie is wearing a new dress that I whipped up this morning. It's the Farbenmix Olivia underdress. I wanted a simple dress to showcase the fabric. The gorgeous fabric was hand dyed and printed by Julie-Ann of Rainbows End Studios. I had only 1m of fabric, so decided to use as much as possible and made the Olivia in 134/140 even though it's a size too big for Moo. She already had a couple of Olivias in 122/128, so I figured that she could wear the dress a bit big now and still wear it later. Since I didn't have enough fabric for a hood, I will probably make a lime green long sleeve t-shirt with an Olivia hood to wear under the dress in winter.

mandala dress 2

Saturday, January 16, 2010

A giveaway to wish you a happy 2010

Yup, a giveaway.  I'd like to give something to you who give something to me.  This time it's something that you can use.  No rainbow twirly redondo skirts (although if you are hoping to score one of might have to keep an eye on the Crafty Mamas Group Blog.)

I've made a covered journal using Luzia Pimpinella's Love & Peace embroideries.  It's made from denim and poplin and covers an A4 size, 120pg journal.  It has fab Farbenmix ribbons.
love & peace journal front
love & peace journal back

It's a blank journal, so fill it with thoughts and ideas and when it's full, just buy a new blank one and pop the cover on it.

I will send the journal anywhere in the world. Just leave me a comment to be in.

Also if you are on Facebook, I've created a fan page for willow & moo. I created this blog to document the things I create and other bits. It won't change, but I've never really liked talking much business on it, so I've created the fan page to do more of that type of stuff. 

ETA:  In my excitement of the giveaway I didn't stipulate an end time.  So right now 4pm on Saturday, January 23, 2010 AEDT is the end.  I'll announce the winner this evening.  Thank you so much for all the lovely comments.

Friday, January 15, 2010

An overdue Thank You

Back in October I entered Cass' Blogtoberfest give-away, and won. When Cass handed me the fabric, it was wrapped up with these two super adorable bags for the kids. Instead of giving them to Will & Moo right away, I stashed them away for holiday presents. This is why it has taken me until now to photograph them!

will's bag
mollie's bag

Thank you Cass! The kids love them.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Lore Love

I have a confession. I've sewn two tops for myself for the 12 challenges in 12 months meme. But this morning before I had a chance to look at Google Reader, I found out that the lovely Nancy had mentioned me on her blog. So I don't want to put those pictures of me front and centre. I prefer to hide behind my work than stand out in front of it! It's the introvert in me.

Instead I will put Mollie in front of you in my lastest sewing. My friend, Lisa, recently made her daughter a couple sets from the Farbenmix Lore pattern . She inspired me to pull out this pattern and make it up. I have to admit that I was reticent to make it as I don't like to sew sleeveless tops for Mollie. It's a sun safety thing. The sun down under really is super strong. But Miss Moo has been quite ill, and I thought she'd like a new outfit especially one that would be nice and cool on our hot summer days. (She's ok now that she was diagnosed with giardia and started antibiotics. I think she picked it up when swimming in a river.)


So you have Sewing Clothes Kids Love on pre-order right? I know I do.

Monday, January 4, 2010

No rules

I can handle no rules. I'm not one for making a lot of commitments. I hate not fulfilling them. It gives me serious guilts.

My friend, Carolyn, assures me that there are no rules, no obligations, so I am hitching myself to her bandwagon.

 Each month of 2010 there is a sewing challenge.  There is no obligation to do them all which is great because I might not have time to do them, but on the other hand I think it will be a great excuse or push to do something new or different.

Check it out on Carolyn's blog, My Favourite.

January's Challenge is "something for me".  Well, I have to admit that I am ahead of the game on this one.  I've already made an Ottobre pintuck top in purple stella.  I just need to photograph it.  And I'm working on an Antonella top inspired by Moo's Antonia top with the babushka doll on it. 

Now if I can stop watching True Blood then I might finish the top.  I bought the first season on DVD, and I've watched 2 episodes last night and 2 this morning!