Friday, May 30, 2008

Something for the boy!

I'm in the process of making my darling boy a couple of pairs of PJ's. I've finished the first set and would have finished the second, but I went to a meeting at school last night. Tonight I'm tired after being up too late last night AND the downlights in the living room aren't working because the dimmer blew. So anyway here's my boy modeling for me. He was excited to model because he always sees his sister doing it!
LinkThe top is the Farbenmix Zoe pattern. I wanted a raglan sleeve tee and couldn't find a long sleeve one in the boy's size in Ottobre. The bottoms are from Ottobre 04/2004 #38, long johns. The planes knit is a deliciously soft rib knit and the red fabric is a lycra French terry. The other set of pjs is out of with navy lycra French terry.

I've made a few other things, but I've been neglectful and haven't taken photos.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My mellow market day

Yesterday was market day at my daughter's school. I am on the stall with the school playgroup. It's a great set up because we all help each other out and with all of our stuff together the stall looks so nice! I took some photos, but it was before our other friend arrived with her things, so none of her beautiful things are in the photos which is a shame.
Here's the front of our stall

Here are my things hanging on the rack.
Here are some beautiful flowers from my friend's uncle's flower farm.
I had such a great day with my friends. Even though the market was slow, I had two return customers who really made my day. Then Mollie's friends kept coming to look for her which was so cute! But after the last market when I kept chasing after her and having to listen to her whinge, I left her at home with her father. Also none of my friends were bringing their children with them.

And here's a view down the hill at school. The market is held in the carpark up top. The school is down the hill. I have to walk Mollie down each day and then go back to collect her in the afternoon. It's really hard when Will decides to be difficult and refuses to walk up the hill.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Life in Technicolour

Finally I had time to play around with my photos to arrange them the way I wanted, not the way blogger wanted. I finally had a chance to execute a few dyeing ideas that had been in my head.

First up I dyed a couple of Farbenmix Anna dresses. I thought that they would make a great canvas to work on.
Then I thought the Farbenmix Quiara shirt would look nice dyed. I did three different colourways. The top has a hood on it which can't be seen because I photographed Moo to see the front of the shirt.
I also dyed a couple of silks for the market. I was please with how both turned out. To me one is autumnal and the other is wintry, so perfect for this time of year. I wish I had the time to tie more silks, but I just couldn't manage to do more than these two.
Well, tomorrow is a market day at Moo's school. This time I am not taking Moo with me, so should have a slightly more relaxed day. Last market I had to go up and down the hill half a dozen times. I really should take a camera with me tomorrow to take some piccies...

Oh and the cutest thing, my darling Will keeps walking into our bedroom where I have a rack set up with all my market items. He walks up and points to the rack and says, "OH pretty!" He loves touching the silks hanging there too. My boy has good taste!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Instead of a rainbow

Yesterday I sat here trying to get photos of all the things I dyed into a decent layout, and it just wouldn't work for me. I will hopefully get that sorted in a way that I like soon. In the mean time you can see the Farbenmix Jule hoodie that I made for Mollie. When asked if I should sell it at the market or keep it for her, she said that she had to have it. She declared the pocket in front perfect for all of her treasures. Note to self: check pocket before washing!

The hoodie is made from cotton velour purchased from I used my ruffler foot to make the ruffles for it. It worked really well. I LO
VE the hood on this top.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I just had to share my excitement. I won the Euro sewing competition over at Crafty Mamas!

I have so many things to photograph to share. One of which is my new sewing cabinet. I've also been sewing away madly because there is a market at Moo's school on May 17, so I am preparing for that. Promise to come back with piccies soon!