Friday, May 30, 2008

Something for the boy!

I'm in the process of making my darling boy a couple of pairs of PJ's. I've finished the first set and would have finished the second, but I went to a meeting at school last night. Tonight I'm tired after being up too late last night AND the downlights in the living room aren't working because the dimmer blew. So anyway here's my boy modeling for me. He was excited to model because he always sees his sister doing it!
LinkThe top is the Farbenmix Zoe pattern. I wanted a raglan sleeve tee and couldn't find a long sleeve one in the boy's size in Ottobre. The bottoms are from Ottobre 04/2004 #38, long johns. The planes knit is a deliciously soft rib knit and the red fabric is a lycra French terry. The other set of pjs is out of with navy lycra French terry.

I've made a few other things, but I've been neglectful and haven't taken photos.


Amanda said...

Those jammies are great Sara, love the fabric and the model is gorgeous!

Violet said...

Aww..the pj's are adorable Sara!! How cute that Will was excited to model them.

And yes it is always good to get the tick of approval. :-)