Saturday, May 10, 2008

Instead of a rainbow

Yesterday I sat here trying to get photos of all the things I dyed into a decent layout, and it just wouldn't work for me. I will hopefully get that sorted in a way that I like soon. In the mean time you can see the Farbenmix Jule hoodie that I made for Mollie. When asked if I should sell it at the market or keep it for her, she said that she had to have it. She declared the pocket in front perfect for all of her treasures. Note to self: check pocket before washing!

The hoodie is made from cotton velour purchased from I used my ruffler foot to make the ruffles for it. It worked really well. I LO
VE the hood on this top.


monART said...

This is really really pretty, I love that hood too! Wished I can wear a top like that without people contemplating to throw me on a burning stake lol. Can you imagine a mom wearing it ;-)

Tracy said...

OO that's really nice. I just found your blog through your link at Craft mama's. I've added you to my reader. Fantastic creations :) I think I'll get lots of inspiration from reading your blog.

Sara said...

Ohhhh, thanks so much Tracy! I need to set up a blog reader to keep with all my Crafty Mamas friends.

Mon, I've copied that hood for a top that I am making for myself. Fingers crossed it turns out. I was too tired to start sewing tonight.