Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marvelous Mareen tops

Moo has a birthday party to attend tomorrow.  It's a twin party, so I had to make something x2.  I spent a lot of time musing over which pattern and fabric combination.  It took me ages to settle, so today at 4:30pm I cut out the shirts.  By 8:30 I was finished, and they were wrapped.  That included me cooking and eating dinner!

I used the Mareen pattern by Cinderella*Zwergen*Mode.   It's a nice raglan top.
I also used my neglected Silhouette cutter, so make some iron-on velours.

elephant love mareen

birdie love mareen

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I'm off to SIT Canberra

Sorry.  I don't tend to get all excited and scream about this sort of stuff.  I think part of the reason is that big group events always make me apprehensive.  It's the introvert thing.   So why am I going?  Well, my whole craft group is going and chief Sew It Together (SIT) organiser superwoman, Sheridan, is in my craft group.   So if I don't go, I'll miss out on all of the fun, and then have to hear about it at our next craft group....bus trip to Addicted to Fabric, Handmade shop and BISON (yup, I'm most excited about Bison).  I swear Col will have my head if I come home with bowls.   Must remember to hide ceramics purchase.  Then a visit to Handmade Market which I've always wanted to visit.  After which we'll spend the day crafting (i.e. talking and me fluffing about attempting to do hand sewing).  I'm even going to attempt a beginners crochet workshop.  I don't know that I hold much hope for me.  I'm fairly unco.

Part of the SIT fun is the name badge swap before the event.  We had to use the theme colours for this year which were red/white/blue.  I made one for Amy.

SIT 2012 name tag

In my usual haste I forgot to take a photo of it uncovered, but you can see it on Amy's blog.

My name badge was made by Caroline of Sew Together.  Totally classic and simple design.  I love it.

my SIT name badge

Each year Cass (also another craft group compatriot) organises a sample swap.  This year I've made little zippered bags as I figure they are useful.  Each bag is completely different than the next.

sample swap bags

I used some of my beloved Alexander Henry Calaveras fabric to make a bag.  I hope someone else likes that fabric as much as I do.

So now all I have to do is pack.