Friday, May 16, 2008

Life in Technicolour

Finally I had time to play around with my photos to arrange them the way I wanted, not the way blogger wanted. I finally had a chance to execute a few dyeing ideas that had been in my head.

First up I dyed a couple of Farbenmix Anna dresses. I thought that they would make a great canvas to work on.
Then I thought the Farbenmix Quiara shirt would look nice dyed. I did three different colourways. The top has a hood on it which can't be seen because I photographed Moo to see the front of the shirt.
I also dyed a couple of silks for the market. I was please with how both turned out. To me one is autumnal and the other is wintry, so perfect for this time of year. I wish I had the time to tie more silks, but I just couldn't manage to do more than these two.
Well, tomorrow is a market day at Moo's school. This time I am not taking Moo with me, so should have a slightly more relaxed day. Last market I had to go up and down the hill half a dozen times. I really should take a camera with me tomorrow to take some piccies...

Oh and the cutest thing, my darling Will keeps walking into our bedroom where I have a rack set up with all my market items. He walks up and points to the rack and says, "OH pretty!" He loves touching the silks hanging there too. My boy has good taste!


Xiola said...

Your work never ceases to amaze me! It's all so beautiful. I am completely in love with the orange silk.

Tracy said...

Those dresses are amazingly beautiful. Do you take commissions?

Sara said...

Tracy, I do take commissions, but with dyeing I can never duplicate results. Certain things I can repeat, but no two items will ever look exactly the same. You probably know that, but I like to mention it.

the handmaden said...

They all look fantastic Sara, but those silks are really stunning!