Sunday, May 18, 2008

My mellow market day

Yesterday was market day at my daughter's school. I am on the stall with the school playgroup. It's a great set up because we all help each other out and with all of our stuff together the stall looks so nice! I took some photos, but it was before our other friend arrived with her things, so none of her beautiful things are in the photos which is a shame.
Here's the front of our stall

Here are my things hanging on the rack.
Here are some beautiful flowers from my friend's uncle's flower farm.
I had such a great day with my friends. Even though the market was slow, I had two return customers who really made my day. Then Mollie's friends kept coming to look for her which was so cute! But after the last market when I kept chasing after her and having to listen to her whinge, I left her at home with her father. Also none of my friends were bringing their children with them.

And here's a view down the hill at school. The market is held in the carpark up top. The school is down the hill. I have to walk Mollie down each day and then go back to collect her in the afternoon. It's really hard when Will decides to be difficult and refuses to walk up the hill.


Taiche said...

The stall looks great and all your things look beautiful.. I love your dying.. Lots of awesomeness in your blog, I love it.. :)

Violet said...

Love the stall Sara...and your dyed things look so nice and colourful!!! :-)

Kylie said...

the stall looks great. and how nice that repeat customers came back - that must have been a buzz.