Monday, January 4, 2010

No rules

I can handle no rules. I'm not one for making a lot of commitments. I hate not fulfilling them. It gives me serious guilts.

My friend, Carolyn, assures me that there are no rules, no obligations, so I am hitching myself to her bandwagon.

 Each month of 2010 there is a sewing challenge.  There is no obligation to do them all which is great because I might not have time to do them, but on the other hand I think it will be a great excuse or push to do something new or different.

Check it out on Carolyn's blog, My Favourite.

January's Challenge is "something for me".  Well, I have to admit that I am ahead of the game on this one.  I've already made an Ottobre pintuck top in purple stella.  I just need to photograph it.  And I'm working on an Antonella top inspired by Moo's Antonia top with the babushka doll on it. 

Now if I can stop watching True Blood then I might finish the top.  I bought the first season on DVD, and I've watched 2 episodes last night and 2 this morning!


MoederKip said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the top.
Good on you for signing up ... I would so love to, but at the moment just can't see it happening!

Sarah-Jo said...

good luck with the sewing challenges sounds like alot of fun!

cant wait to see the top

I know what you mean I read all the true blood books in about 3weeks then devoured the season 1 on dvd over the course of a long weekend....its too good!

Kaja said...

Hm. Something for me... Well I doubt that I will be able to finish anything else than the stuff that I've already got cut on my table. And, there's nothing for me there...

Looking forward on seing your things!

Steffi said...

I can´t wait to see your top,Sara and all your other things which will happend 2010 here in your blog!!

prashant said...

good luck with the sewing challenges sounds like alot of fun!

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