Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for work

It's time for Will to go to work...although he's being referred to as Dad or Colin, and Mollie is saying she's Sara. Apparently it's fun to pretend to be your parents.

ready for work

I don't know how Will manages to walk around in Col's shoes, but he does!

Mollie is wearing a new dress that I whipped up this morning. It's the Farbenmix Olivia underdress. I wanted a simple dress to showcase the fabric. The gorgeous fabric was hand dyed and printed by Julie-Ann of Rainbows End Studios. I had only 1m of fabric, so decided to use as much as possible and made the Olivia in 134/140 even though it's a size too big for Moo. She already had a couple of Olivias in 122/128, so I figured that she could wear the dress a bit big now and still wear it later. Since I didn't have enough fabric for a hood, I will probably make a lime green long sleeve t-shirt with an Olivia hood to wear under the dress in winter.

mandala dress 2


Vic said...

Hehehe... so funny & cute!

Mollie is SO DARN BEAUTIFUL Sara, I think so every time I see her but doubt I ever remember to say so!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

oh your kids are holding hands, that is soooooo nice!

Kat said...

Sara! You make the most beautiful children!!

Steffi said...

Great work,Sara!Your kids looks very good!Very nice!

prashant said...

it's a great journal cover Sara, thanks for the chance.

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Claire said...

Oh I can see why you wanted to make the most of this fabric - it is BEAUTIFUL!! The kids look very cute in their role play clothes - I just love listening to mine when they are playing pretend & don't know I am listening - it can be quite amusing!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

such cute kids, and I love the dress you made, such pretty fabric.

Gill in Canada