Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caffeine withrawal sucks

I really didn't mean to neglect the blog.  Life has just been super busy, and not because of Christmas.  I don't celebrate Christmas in a religious way.  I grew up in a Jewish household, so I'm more familiar with Chanukah.  

First up the building activity was full on leading up to Christmas. There was the huge hole cut in the middle of the house.  We didn't have a bath or shower for a week.  I was starting to get scared that we wouldn't have one at all before Christmas, but we have a bath, so no need to avoid us. We don't stink.

Mollie's social life was crazy.  Two birthday parties, a couple of playdates and a trip to the Colo River.  The kids had a blast at the river.   It was good to escape the chaos at the house, but it was tiring.

I've slept in every day since Christmas day.  I've been enjoying cooking in my crazy insane kitchen.

I have my prep area in one corner of the big room

And the stove on the other side of the room

I missed making something special for Col's birthday, so I made him profiteroles/cream puffs. As per usual I was enjoying the finished product too much to take a photo. The recipe is out of The Pie and Pastry Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

I was most impressed with the choux pastry. I've made it before years ago before I had a decent oven. I read the directions except for the part about how many puffs I should be making, so mine have turned out a little large.
on the tray before baking

in the oven all puffed up!

yummy pastry cream

I picked my sewing machine up on Christmas Eve. I'd sent her for a service to get her out of the dusty house. Now that I have some time I'm itching to sew.

I've cut some boxer briefs for the guys in the house.

I've traced out and modified Antonella. I've pulled out another tracing of an Otto top that I've made before. I want to trace some leggings.

My biggest problem? Lack of concentration due to NO coffee machine. I hope it arrives soon.


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

starting to look good at your place. Tell me can you get caffeine patches to tide you over?????

MoederKip said...

So glad you didn't have a stinky Christmas! LOL
Sending coffee vibes your way!

willow and moo said...

Clo, don't tell Gilly, but we've resorted to instant coffee! I think the Christmas holiday has slowed down getting the machine. The credit card rewards said 10 business days, so we are hoping the machine shows up this week. I wanted to save using it until I get my new kitchen, but I don't think we can hold out until the end of January. LOL

Nat, thanks! I'm glad we didn't have a stinky Christmas either. I've actually been enjoying lazing in the bath. We bought a fairly long and deep one. I don't totally fit, but it's much better than our previous one. Plus there is something about using something that is new that is so nice!

Peta said...

Wow Sara it's really coming along, it's going to look awesome! I don't know how you're living without your coffee machine, I'd be constantly going to the shop to get takeaway (which is why we bought our machine in the first place LOL)!

toadstooldots said...

You are amazing: Xmas/holiday-time without a coffee machine. Hope you'll get your new one very quick. And baking in this circumstances you MUST love your hubby :-)

I wish you and your family all the best for 2010.

Tas said...

I think that you might have written other words but I can't get past those 3 little words "NO coffee machine" Gawdy! Hang in there!

Jetta's Nest said...

Wow Sara, look at all that ROOM!!!

Steffi said...

Oh Sara - christmas time without a coffee machine - that´s hard!

I wish you and your family all the best for the new year 2010!

Claire said...

Oh look at your room! And those cream puffs...I am drooling. I had to giggle at the pattern of the trunks - The poses they do for undies makes me laugh!
May your new year be a fabulous one filled with wonderful coffee aroma soon :)