Friday, December 11, 2009

Bird Girl

Well, I'm not really a girl, but I think it sounds better than bird woman.  Just doesn't have the same flow.  Since the announcement of Jolijou's Valeska pattern via Farbenmix, I've been waiting to get my hands on it.  Valeska arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago, but I was in the midst of finishing off some custom orders which I've realised that I haven't shared!

First the custom orders...nothing new as the customers' requests were based on some of Will's creations.

Imke tops for two of Tracy's boys. My hand-dyed fabric. Jolijou's fabulous Little Devils embroidery design.
james shirt

liam shirt

For Suzanne's boy I made a monkey top. It's from Stella cotton/spandex knits and these fabulous monkey buttons from Paulapue. I used the Farbenmix Quiara pattern, but I straightened the sides of the top to give it a more boyish, boxy look.
kai shirt front

kai shirt back

Thanks Suzanne and Tracy!

The Valeska...
is made from Joel Dewberry fabrics from the Aviary line. I'm sure you all recognise that well known bird print. I have a messenger bag out of this fabric in the green colourway. As I'm sure you know by now, I am a big girl, so had to cut the XXL 50/52 size of the pattern. If you are this size, you will not be able to cut the skirt on the fold when using quilting fabrics. The 44" width is not wide enough. This is why I have a ribbon detail running down the front and back of the skirt as there is a centre front and a centre back seam. The ribbon on the brown contrast band is a Farbenmix ribbon called Asia. It is a perfect match for this fabric!

I was really excited about this skirt as I made it with no alterations other than adding CF and CB seams. The fit is good, but I wouldn't say this style is the most flattering for me. But at the same time, I love the skirt. It's pretty and fun and makes me feel happy. I was so excited to make something for myself before I took my machine in for a service. Don't worry the machine is fine, but I've owned her for almost three years, and she's never had a service. So it's really just like a checkup (and a great way to get her out of the dust-filled house)!

Excuse the less than spectacular photograph. I had to ask Miss Moo to take a photo, and her camera isn't as good as the DSLR.

A close up of the trim

I've also made the kids pjs. I just haven't managed to photograph them! And of course, two of the 3 pairs have been worn and are in the laundry!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I love your skirt, I plan on making some clothes for day...LOL

The boys tops are really nice.

I am cursing about a quilt block I have had to make......

Gill in Canada

Cass said...

Great skirt Sarah, love it.

Gilly said...

oh Sara utterly divine as always - you are so talented and such an inspiration!

Steffi said...

Wow Sara you looks great in your skirt!Love it!

The Handmaden said...

VERY nice skirt, love that trim!
The house is looking marvellous too.