Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's being naughty again!

It's that darn coffee machine again misbehaving!  Now it won't complete the warming up cycle, and it won't steam milk.  We can get hot water out of the wand, but no steam.  We've been able to trick it into working, so we can make shots of coffee.  Col says the need to repair the machine is becoming exponential, so perhaps it is time to replace it.  I hate to just toss such a large kitchen appliance aside, but I think it may time to let go.  I guess it's no different than a car.  You wouldn't keep a car that costs you lots to keep running.

So I ask you my friends, if anyone has a Jura machine.  I am specifically looking at the Jura J5 because we have lots of points with our credit card rewards, and can use them to pay for most of the machine.   I know true coffee afficianados would say a super auto machine isn't that great, but for us we truly love the push button convenience, and in our opinion the coffee we get from the super auto is much better than so many cafes.  I can buy nice beans and use organic milk, so I'm happy.

For reference we have a 6 year old Saeco Magic Comfort Plus, so we thought we'd try a different brand of machine.

And now for some pictures which are already out of date because the house is speeding along..we have even more, bigger holes now.

Hallway hole in the current living room
101209 hole in living room wall

Looking at the front door from the back room. The opening will go to the ceiling. Originally we were going to have doors there, but have decided not to have them.
101209 view from back of the house to the front door

First coat of paint inside
101209 first coat of paint is up

Painting outside
101209 the back has been partially painted



Peta said...

Sara it looks fantastic! I love the windows at the back. Good luck replacing your coffee machine.

Tas said...

Love your extension. But more importantly- good luck with your coffee machine. I have no knowledge about the machines but I know that coffee is vital for survival lol!

Gill - That British Woman said...

oh the joys of living through a renovation.....been there and am still there.....LOL

Gill in Canada

Steffi said...

Sara it looks very beautiful!I agree with Peta´s comment!