Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes, Again!

I was at Costco again, but in my defense I wasn't shopping for myself.  It's a special birthday for my friend, so we were doing party shopping.  I will admit to doing a teeny bit Chrismukah shopping for the kids too.   We told Will that the remote control helicopters were for Steve's nephew and niece!

So it was me, Ed, Steve, Armen and Will.  Will had a blast eating all of the samples with the boys.  Every time I turned around Will was helping or being entertained. 

Here Steve has put him up in a tent on display.

will and steve1

Steve also carried Will around on his shoulders.  Will dropped his ice block, and it fell down Steve's shirt which is why there are marks on it.

getting around

Ed with his favourite!  Excuse Ed's manic look.  This photo was taken at the end of our shopping trip, and he was a bit overstimulated from the shopping and the people.  Although I think I have quite a few photos of Ed with that expression.

Ed reeses

Look at the trolley!  Not the best photo of Armen & Ed, but it was the best photo to see the overflowing trolley.  There was even stuff on the bottom of the trolley which you can't see.

the shopping trolley

I have to giggle because you know you are getting older when your guy friends have substantially less hair than you remember from your days at university!


Cass said...

I'm going over tomorrow evening to do a bit of party shopping too

Peta said...

Looks like fun Sara and they look well stocked for their party!

Cat J B said...

Hehe, giggling about the hair comment :)

Miss Rosie said...

I want to go to Castco ust to have a look. There is one near my mum's house so next time I am visiting her, I want to find someone I knw who is a member and go shopping. Another shopping destination to annoy my husband, Ikea, spotlight, and now Costco