Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craft Camp - Pearl Beach

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going away for the weekend with some fabulous and wonderful crafty women. While everyone else was busily sewing away on quilts, I was hogging the table with my 3 machines, so I could sew some clothes.

For Will I made 3 tops.
Ottobre 03/06 #26. Will really likes this top. He wore it on Tuesday.
owl t-shirt

Ottobre 02/05 #20 He wore this top on Wednesday.
monkey tshirt front

Ottobre 03/06 #30. The jury is still out on this top. Col says it looks like pajamas. I'll wait and see what Will says. If it is destined for pj's, I'm not bothered. I can quickly whip up some shorts to go with it.
toadstool t-shirt

Miss Moo got two tops.
One is a Farbenmix Hacktop. My friend, Peta, crocheted the band for me. I cut the mushroom iron-on on my Silhouette. So excited to use my first iron on that I cut!
Hacktop 1

Farbenmix Unella tunic top
unella front

unella back

I have another top cut out for Moo, but it won't get sewn up for a couple of weeks. We have two birthday parties coming up, and I have 3 tops that I need to make for those!


Karen said...

Love the Love Chirps Sara - the top with your mushie and the crocheted neck is my favourite though - love it!

toadstooldots said...

wow, you were busy. nice bunch of tops!

Tas said...

Productive with a capital P.

Obviously you weren't talking enough ;)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

They look awesome!

Sea Star said...

Fabulous work!

Rainbow Made said...

Love them all..especially the Hacktop!

Cath said...

Sara, love the top with the crochet on it - lucky Moo...! I also love the one with the hearts and birds...Karen blogged a vest with similar fabric a few weeks ago - it is gorgeous!

Tanya said...

oh ahh, look at that gorgeous crochet