Saturday, September 13, 2008

New books!

Last month I ordered some books from Amazon. As usual I bought some for me and one for each child. The books for Will and Moo are for later though, so will be put away until they are ready for them.
So for me...
Colour on Cloth by Ruth Issett - I've only had a glance through this book, but it's a great book for someone starting out with dyeing. There is a chapter on resists which I think I will find useful as I haven't really worked with any resists (besides tying, of course!). The author also seems to like to use thickened dyes which is right up my alley and I love tinkering with dye viscosity. But if you wanted to do way cool tie dyeing, I still think the True Tie Dye DVD's are awesome, Tie Dye 101, 202 and 303.

The Children's Year - one of those quintessential Steiner/Waldorf craft books. I didn't own it and thought I would add it to my collection.

Printing by Hand by Lena Corwin - If you are interested in printing, this book looks fab. Yet again I've only had a flick through. The instructions seem easy to follow and the projects are beautiful. I bought this book as I am interested in printing on fabric. Even though I did that screen printing workshop, I thought it would be nice to have a book on the subject.

Metric Pattern Cutting for Children's Wear and Babywear: From Birth to 14 Years by Winifred Aldrich - I bought this book after reading about it on another blog (Karen's work is just exquisite!). It is a really in depth book, and I haven't had a chance to read through it. I really wanted a reference book to assist me with drafting my own patterns. I thought it would be a fun extension to what I am already doing.


Tracy said...

I have the metric pattern cutting too Sara. lots of information :) I buy my books from the

Their prices are cheap and free shipping to australia!

Sara said...

Tracy, I didn't buy from the Book Depository because they didn't have the Printing by Hand book available which was the one I really wanted. They might have it now though. Thank goodness I ordered before the Aussie dollar took a nosedive!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the compliment. I cannot wait to see what you make with your Metric Pattern book! I am looking forward to taking some time and diving back into it myself.