Monday, March 30, 2009

It's time to celebrate!

Well, if I am counting correctly I've hit 100 posts!!! And if that isn't enough reason to celebrate, it's my birthday.

So I'd love to give away one of my favourite creations. The rainbow dyed Redondo skirt.

My favourite skirt

I can make this skirt from size 86/92 up to size 134/140. I will post it anywhere in the world.

To enter leave me a comment and tell me what is your favourite item that I've created. Most of my work has been blogged, but have a look at my flickr photostream.

I will have Will randomly pick a name on his birthday, April 11. Yes, we have a house full of Aries.


Sarah said...

Well, of course as you know it's the cherry Insa, but as you knew that, I'll also give you my 2nd favorite, which is the rainbow antonia series, which is just so beautiful! And yes, I'm actually entering, because that skirt just got a "oh my goodness gracious knows, that is BEEYOOTIFUL! I want that on my wish list!" from over my shoulder! (um, we've been reading some antique books at bedtime lately, so thus the goodness gracious).
Congrats on post 100!!

Jade said...

My favourite is the Happy Farmer Dress - gorgeous!!!

lindy said...

Well we are an all boy household, so I won't enter your fab giveaway...but Sara I just had to say how absolutely stunning this is!!! I have two thirds of of my boys sitting almost on top of my computer right now and I totally blame you for the sticky fingerprints on my screen pointing to the 'lubly rainboat flower' ;)
Happy birthday & congrats on 100 posts! :-) Lindy

Handmade homegrown said...

OMG I have to choose..too hard Sara!!
As you know anything with a rainbow on it but then I love euro fabric so IF I had to choose one, all the Antonia, rainbow and euro closely followed by rainbow rodondo, but then I love the Farmers Market Feliz as well!!
No too hard to choose sorry lol
Everything is my number 1 Sara!!

Amanda said...

Oh this is hard, very very hard!!!!

I have many favs, the feliz cupcake the hair clips the garland, the cherry Insa, oh the list goes on.......

But the thing that really stood out was the dripple dropple rain mobile I think it is - WOW!

zofia said...

Oh Sara- What a skirt and what a giveaway!
Tallulah just saw this and went to heaven!!
I love the Jule tops- just gorgeous, and the lovely detailing you've been adding lately gives them an extra something.
Have a wonderful Birthday!

Kaja said...

Oh! Congrats!

My favourite has to be one of the Rainbow-dresses from hand dyed fabrics. Probably the Olivia

Krissy said...

Tough tough tough choices!!

I love the rainbow paula pants but I also love the hat you made with the ikea fabric . . and the katrin tunic with all those colours . .

Imagine making us decide!!

Congrats on the 100 and happy birthday!!

Matilda and I are both aries too!

Joely Whiting said...

congrats on the big 100!
my favourite would have to be the redondo. it just looks like a big happy flower that would brighten anyones day.:)

The Cherub's Craft Blog said...

Happy Birthday Sara!!! You know I love the Redondo skirt you did for my niece and she wears it all the time, but my favourite from your blog would have to be the Jule top that you made for Mollie, it's just divine!!!

Congratulations on the 100 posts and I hope you have a super day - with lots of cake and pressies.

Sending cyber cupcakes from me.


Kat said...

My favourite is the shir tyou made for Mollie for her birthday. I love the colours, I love the applique. I just love it!
congrats on 100 posts and happy birthday :)

Liz said...

I love the Jule hoodie that you made Moo for her birthday - that is definitely my favourite now :)

Happy Birthday!

The Handmaden said...

Its so hard to choose, but I really do love the tops you make, particularly the Antonia.
Hope you had a great birthday!

Claire said...

Oh HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you get to put your feet up, chill out & indulge in some scrummy birthday cake!

I adore ALL of your creations Sara, but my favs would have to be a toss up between the green/rainbow antonia & rainbow Paula pants!!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Sara! I hope you have a truly wonderful day.

Of course, my very favourite thing you have ever made is the gorgeous little outfits for Sam.

Other than that the Happy Farmer dress gets my vote, the craftsmanship in that is amazing and beautiful.

Love Amanda xo

Punky's Mamma said...

OMG Sara - how can you make us choose just one favourite?! That is cruel & unusual my dear...

Before I get to that difficult decision however I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY again & I hope you are having a great one!

I also have to day that this may very well be the purtiest most rainbowy (yes I am a fan of proper english - is there a problem...? ;)) blog giveaway I have ever seen, I luffs it.

Okaaaaaaay so... favoutite... I really am a huge fan of the birthday Antonias, especially the one with the pink torso, but then the Jule you've just made is so gorgeous too - evertything combined in that makes it really something special... You know what, I think it might be quicker & easier just to list what of yours I don't like.... *drumroll please*



julie Leighton said...

So hard to choose, but I love the quimara rainbow shirts. And the Jules are pretty great. Lovely work- all of it!

Little Munchkins said...

Congrats on the 100 posts!

I love your work so a chance to win something is awesome. There are so many things that I really love and it is so hard to pick. I think I will go with the Antonia.

Louise said...

I love all the things you make, especially all those Antonia shirts with those fabulous fabrics. But my favourite would have to be the Farmer's Market Feliz!

Kylie said...

hands down - the Redondo's win every time - The time and effort and gorgeous dying that you put into there are divine! Would so love to have one of your creations in our house - so if I dont win there will be an order for one for Christmas cause there is no way I could do this pattern justice after your creations!

And of course - HAPPY 100!

Gilly said...

I agree - rainbow redondo....its stunning and I love it!
Happy 100th post!
xx Gilly

Anonymous said...

I love your pale pink Antonia shirt - better than anything I've seen in the shops!

Anonymous said...

Mean, mean, mean Sara. I was going to say either the hot pink Antonia shirt or the Rainbow skirt... then I remembered back and went looking.

Winner and best item I've seen for a little girl for a long, long time is Portabello Pixie Analise Skirt. It has reminded me I want to order one if possible. I can just imagine my little angel girl in it. How about it Sara???

Peta said...

What a fantastic giveaway! I always love your Antonias, but especially the last one you made recently with the light pink body.

fallen~from~grace said...

I love everything you create Sara! From the gorgeous dyed silk blankets to the colourful antonia's. I have to say though my most favourite is actually the very skirt you are giving away- the rainbow dyed redondo :)

You are one very gifted mama!

oh and happy birthday to Will for the 11th from a fellow arien :)


Michelle said...

Hands down this skirt is my very most favorite!!! I have a rainbow baby who is turning 1 this month and this skirt would be perfect for her!!!