Saturday, April 16, 2011


Yup, that's me. I hadn't managed to photograph anything. Hadn't really sewn much in the past couple of weeks. I think I was recovering from the party stress. Perhaps it was just that busy-ness of the last week of school. But I've made up for it in the past 72 hours.

On Thursday I made a Caroline skirt for Cass' littlest.
mad sky caroline

I also made Sheridan a LoveChirp PimpiCuff. It was her birthday on Wednesday, and at SIT she mentioned that she liked the PimpiCuffs I had made for the sample swap.
lovechirp pimpicuff


Cass said...

Thanks again Sara and when she wears it and my camera is working I will get a photo and blog it

michal said...

How I love this Caroline! I plan on making some for the girls for the coming Summer. This version is certainly an inspiration!