Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rainbow Ruffles

This top was part of my new ideas for rainbow clothes.  I've used the Farbenmix Lore pattern and sewn ruffled strips of my hand dyed fabrics to the top.  I've left the edges of the ruffles unfinished which makes the construction quicker, but I also think a rolled hem would add weight to the ruffle pieces.

Rainbow Ruffle Lore-front

The back of the top

Rainbow Ruffle Lore-back

From the side of the top you can see how the orange ruffle doesn't extend around.  I'm thinking if I made this again I'll run the orange ruffle into the binding and around the arm. Then I'll trim the ruffle to be even.   I am still happy with my first draft of the idea.

Rainbow Ruffle Lore-side
Next time I'll also make the ruffle pieces longer, so that they overhang more.  If there is a next time!  (it has been tipped that there will be a next time because this top is a birthday gift, so it will not be part of Miss Moo's wardrobe)