Monday, March 5, 2012

Yum, yum granola

This is my third batch

THIS granola is super yummy.  I'm warning you that if you make it, you will eat it.

I like it by itself, but I also like to make my "breakfast crumble" with it.  I slice up some fruit, put some yogurt on top and then sprinkle the granola over it. 

I have been sewing.  Made myself a top.  Wore it, and now it's in the wash, so no picture just yet.


Cass said...

I need a new granola recipe. I did one recently which was great but it was a mix of two receipes. Might give this one a go

Rainbow Made said...

definatley trying this, thankyou Sara!!

Hinterland Mama said...

Oooh this looks dangerously delicious!

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