Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to school prep

I'm lucky in a way.  My kids go to a Steiner school.  Our school supplies the children with what they need.  Yes, I do pay a stationery fee, but I don't mind that.  It's easier than rushing around doing the shopping.  We also have no uniform which some people think can be difficult, but since I grew up not having to wear a uniform to school, it just seems normal to me.  This year I did have one requirement to fulfil.  Mollie needed a new lunch bag.  The bag i made her was falling apart on the handle.  It lasted 4 years.  Much better than a lot of store bought lunch bags. 

Over on Crafty Mamas Dani made a lunch bag using this tutorial, and I thought it would make a good one for Moo too.  The only thing I did differently was to use some Insulbrite between the outer and lining, and I used webbing for the handles.  I'm hoping the webbing will be really hard wearing.
mollie's new lunch bag