Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pretty in Pink

I made the Farbenmix Jule top for Mollie back in April, and her teacher asked me to make one for her niece. She finally gave me the measurements on Friday and casually mentioned that she was going to Tasmania to see her family on Monday. Well, me being me saw this as a challenge. You know like uni days when I procrastinated until the last second, but this time it wasn't really me procrastinating, it was just pushing to see how fast I could get myself to do it.

This always has drawbacks doesn't it? I had to spend time pondering which size to make because of course the measurements I was given were between the two sizes, but based on the numbers I knew the larger size would swim on the little girl. Then I wanted to make a pair of pants from the extra fabric, so I had to find a pattern which meant looking through my Ottobre magazines. I thankfully found a perfect pair quickly (01/04 #16). But then the devil is in the detail isn't it? In my rush I traced the pants and then found I had forgotten to put the markings for the ribbon. When I went back to put the markings on the pattern, I grabbed the wrong piece. So after midnight on Friday as I'm sewing up these pants I realise that I've sewn ribbon on the the back right pants leg NOT the left front pants leg! ARGH! In the end I decided that it's too hard to unpick the ribbon and I sew a second piece onto the left front leg. At 2am I gave up and went to bed. In the morning I woke up and finished the waistband and hem on the pants.

So here it is...

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naomi said...

the jule top is such a cute pattern! this outfit looks so sweet.