Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random musings

Well, it rained on Tuesday. Mollie's school photos were not taken in THE outfit. Really it's ok because I wanted to make it, and I'm happy that I did. Today I dressed Mollie in this for her photos. Still mama made!

This Saturday 18 October, I am doing my usual market thing at Moo's school. I will be with the playgroup stall. I love it that way. No pressure to have tonnes of stock, and I get to spend the day chatting with my friends.

But I have this thing where I want to sew, but can't figure out what I want to do. I have 'work' sewing to start next week. I decided to start it after I did the market. Sort of like a clean slate, but at the moment I have lots of fabric, lots of ideas, and am also waiting for new patterns. Then again I have quite a few patterns here that I haven't even tried. It's not like I am lacking in resources. It's just like the right thing hasn't come together. And let's be honest the stars have to be aligned to that get that truly special item.

And then there are the felt flower crowns that I am supposed to make for a customer, but can't seem to focus to do hand sewing. Maybe I will get motivated over the weekend. Maybe I should take some felt to the markets, so that I can sew up some flowers or cut out leaves or something.

I think sleep might be the answer!


Xiola said...

Oooh wow! What an awesome dress for school photos!!

I think the market sounds like a perfect place for a little handsewing (but maybe that's because I love it) :)

joolzmac said...

Hello Sara

just found your blog while surfing the blog-sphere out there.

I think you should call yourself a 'home-based' mum instead of 'stay at home' mum.

After all, I think half our time is spent to-ing and fro-ing between 'engagements' - be they dental appointments, haircuts, grocery shopping, sports days, play dates, dance lessons, music lessons,basketball, netball, etc, etc.

Love the dress and craft, I'll keep visiting.

Cheers - Julie, SA

Sara said...

Julie, I'd have to agree. I guess I just took the easy route, and just chucked that tag there. I don't think I'd describe myself as a SAHM! I'm going to think about my description and give it a change in the future. Thanks for reading my blog!