Saturday, May 9, 2009

Something is missing

in the house of willow & moo.
coffee plunger

In that space where the coffee plunger sits normally lives our coffee machine. Friday morning Col went to make our morning coffee and the machine decided to start the grinder itself and then he smelt a burning electrical smell. Uhm NOT GOOD!!! Friday after swimming I did the dash to the coffee shop to drop off the machine for repair. 7-10 days until they let us know what is wrong. In the meantime I purchased a glass carafe for the Bodum plunger. The old carafe had broken.

If the repair is too expensive, clever Col realised that we have almost enough points with our credit card rewards to get a machine with only a tiny bit of outlay. So all hope is not lost. We will not be denied our caffeine!!!

(excuse the vile tile in the kitchen...soon I will have a new kitchen!)


Peta said...

Oh no, I hope it comes home soon all repaired!!! There was a major panic in our house when we lost the plastic tube in our milk jug, we lasted only two days until DH made a dodgy new one from tubing from his work. I love my coffee machine, it's fueled many a late night sewing session!

Andrea said...

Dear Sara,
what a dreary sight...(I mean the empty coffee-machine space!)
Credit-Card-Reward-Points sound a good enough excuse to me to get a new one though!! :o))
It's a bit of a Coffee disaster month for us isn't it!!!???
xoxo Andrea

toadstooldots said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that all will be good ;-). What for a horrible imagination not to have a good coffee in the morning.

Cheers Uta

Sara said...

Yes, it's a coffee tragedy this month!

If we have to get a new machine, we are going to have a hard time deciding what to get...we have the choice of a Saeco Talea, Gaggia Vision or Jura C9 that we can get with our points.
So any opinions/experiences are welcome!

We have a Saeco Magic Comfort Plus now.

Little Munchkins said...

Hope it gets fixed soon for you. I don't drink much coffee so we only have a Bodum plunger for *just in case* (in fact, I gave my coffee machine away!) but I can imagine how hard it would be for those that drink coffee.