Monday, May 25, 2009

What a wonderful day!

Here are some pics from Sunday

Can you see the tree of life felt picture at the back? My friend Kirrilee (in the photo) dyed the felt and sewed the picture. It is gorgeous. She also makes the small framed felt pictures.

On this table Kirrilee's awesome dyed felt, my rainbow leggings, K's gorgeous quilt and my silk/flannel blankets.

My clothes hanging

Shhhh, don't tell K that's she's in all these pictures. I might be in trouble!

I had a lovely day. Kamaroi is a beautiful school, and the parents there do a superb job at putting on an amazing fair!

Thanks to Cass and Ema for dropping by to say hello!


naomi said...

looks great Sara! Was so hoping to get there, but had a change of plans and didnt make it. Your stall looks like so much fun! I would have spent way too much money:)

Kaja said...

That sure looks great! I hope you sold a little something too!

Louise said...

Gosh what beautiful stuff you had there, I'm so disappointed I missed out :( I'm definitely going to get there next year!

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

Morning Sara,

Was so lovely seeing your stall, clever ladies!! and was such a cute school! X.x.
I'm sure to see you soon!

Love & peace,
Ema Lou X.x.

Romi Jade said...

Wow these are just gorgeous!

I love the tie dying so much and the garments look beautiful, I'd love to buy some of these!