Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pre-shrink your knits!

I had a custom order for a Jule hoodie. I thought to save time that I would not pre-wash the fabric. So I cut, sewed and dyed the top. After dyeing the top was washed several times and then tumble dried. When I went to do the reverse applique, I thought "this top looks way too small!"

Shrunken top (anyone want a small size 1-ish Jule?)
shrink jule

The redone top...
K's jule front

K's jule back

The top has reverse applique hearts on the front, back and sleeve. All with hand stitching around them. The birthday girl received her top today and by all accounts is quite happy with it. Pink, hearts and a three year old, it's a good combination.


Tas said...

lol Sara. With all our experience, we are still living and learning (sometimes the hard way!)

Gilly said...

what a shame!

Suzanne said...

Oh wow, how did I miss your blog :) I will have to add it to my blog so that I can stalk you some more - LOL Did you find a home for that top?? Would be ace for Indi :) Those colours look wonderful on her :) Talk to you soon :)

Felicia said...

I would love to see this cute top on my sweet ellie girl..she is size 1 ish...let me know if you are still the owner of it..

Lesley said...

And Katherine adores her top, she wears it a couple of times a week at least, it is gorgeous!!!!!!! Now I have to figure out what I want you to make her for christmas lol!!