Saturday, July 18, 2009

What it's all about...

this home renovation that I've been rambling about on and off for months. Well, it's really going to happen. All the big, major bits that need to happen have. Now we just have to nut out some final details with our builder, and we are good to go.

Here's a picture of the plans
Ground Floor Plan (1)

Here's the thing to note. Our current house is the bit with the bold black lines. We have been living with two bedrooms, living room, vile bathroom, laundry, dining room that is also home to our fridge and Col's computer desk. Our kitchen is that rectangle of dotted lines in the "proposed lounge". The current kitchen is sort of like a lean-to that was added onto the back our of house by a previous owner. It will be one of the first things to go! While I am happy to see the end of our kitchen with its horrid tile counters, I am dreading being without one for weeks, probably more like months. Better put cleaning up the barbecue on my to-do list.

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