Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I won, I won

I'm so excited. I won the giveaway over on the Sunshadow Slippers blog. Tracey makes the most beautiful slippers. My children have been wearing them for quite a few years. In Steiner schools children wear slippers when indoors. This is the same for our Steiner playgroup. I always buy Mollie and Will a pair of slippers each year. I never manage to buy myself a pair. But now I am going to get some, and I get to decide what colour and motif will be on mine! Moo says she wants ones with hearts and one with dragonflies (she's either going to have to make a choice or maybe I will buy her another pair in preparation for next year...the big year 1!). Will wants possums. I just need to find out what Col wants. I think he needs froggie ones!

I also have to say these are fantastic shoes for little ones because they stay on!

Thank you Tracey!

Please have a look at Tracey's blog
and her Etsy shop.


Tanya said...

Oh hooray, lucky you- they look fantastic

toadstooldots said...

congrats to the slippers, they look really good and useful.