Monday, October 12, 2009

A wonderful wedding

A friend of mine was married this weekend. She had the most amazing wedding. A simple church wedding with the reception at her parents' place afterwards. Her parents are the most warm and welcoming hosts. I felt very special to be included.

I really wish I had a photo of Nathalie's dress. She had this gorgeous wrap/train which had nunofelted leaf/petal pieces all over it. It was white on white. She made it with the assistance of a parent from school who does beautiful felt work.

Thursday night before the wedding I attended a blessing for the bride to be. I made Nathalie a gift that was just for her, a journal cover.
love bus journal front

love bus journal back

Yes, it does seem a bit whimsical and fun for a bride-to-be gift. It has a blank journal inside the cover, and the idea was that she could make any journal her own. I personally enjoy having a book to put whatever I want in there, even if sometimes it's just lists. I also embroidered her name on the inside, so her girls couldn't try to claim it as their own.

Unfortunately I was paying more attention to the angle of the LOVE embroidery and not enough attention to its position on the cover, so it's much closer to the spine than I intended. Next time I will be more careful. I am thinking of making a few covered journals to sell at the next Lorien Markets.


Tas said...

It's a lovely gift Sara. And doing NOTHING to put me off embroidery machines lol!

cherri said...

Very, very nice Sara!

MoederKip said...

Oh what a wonderful gift!
I've always been a fan of having a notebook of your very own :-)

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

It was so lovely to be involved in the cermony and the wedding, it was so relaxed and how sweet are Tally's family!! a perfect reflection on her! X.x.

You gift is sooooooo sweet!