Sunday, November 1, 2009


Stripes was the first R rated movie that I saw in the theater. (somehow I don't think it would R rated these days!) Tonight I was happily folding and tying redondo pieces in preparation for dyeing. I watched two episodes of Weeds and figured when they were done, I would stop tying and get ready for bed. Then a movie came on. Colin only heard the intro and said, "It's Stripes," and he was right! I can't help it. I've had to watch it. So that is what I am sitting here doing.

Since I'm talking stripes here are some rainbow stripes or strips or whatever. Rainbow pieced Antonia top from hand dyed organic cotton/spandex. One for Mollie, one for her friend, and a couple that are going to be for sale.


Steffi said...

Really nice rainbow t-shirt!Grea´t colours - they make my day a little bit more colourful.Here we have only grey weather!
Have a nice day!

zofia said...

Gorgeous as ever, and such a beautiful shot of your kids :)

Tanya said...

hey, do you means stripes as in Bill Murray? Because my family do lots of one liners out of that film- surely not, because that wouldn't be r would it??
oh, great sewing as usual!!

Scarlette Rose Fairy said...

Gorgeous Sara,

Your clothes are AMAZING!!! I am in love with the bubushka top you made for mollie! wow!
Sorry i didn't get back to you earlier on Etsy, i'll catch up with you at market day, no hurry at all for pants, See you real soon!
The pic of your feet with new slippers is very cute!
Love Em X..x

Little Star said...

That top is gorgeous Sara, and wow how grown up does Will look all of a sudden.

ingrid said...

Oh wow! I love the stripes! You didn't happen to make one in Lotties size to sell did you?