Monday, February 15, 2010

Back in the land of the living

I'd been bitten. Bitten by the reading bug. I have to admit that I don't read books all that often because I find that I get consumed by the story and then all I want to do is read. It started with the recommendation of True Blood from my Crafty Mamas. So I bought and watched Seasons 1 & 2. I like an interesting story and to be honest I'm a goth on the inside, so I'm totally cool with the whole vampire/supernatural genre. After watching True Blood I ordered the Sookie Stackhouse books upon which the series is based. Currently there are 9 books. I've now read them all. I was supposed to wait for the plasterers to start because I can't sew while they are doing that type of work, but I started reading, and I couldn't stop.

So now I need to play a bit of catchup. In the first week of February I went to The Craft Room meet for the Hills/Norwest area. I thought it would be good to get outside of my usual craft circles. It was a fabulous and diverse group of women. If you look at the pictures in my link, you will see the back of me. I didn't actually spend that much time chatting because I was cutting out an outfit that was going to be a baby gift which I will share with you now since it's gone to its home.

baby outfit

All the pieces are from the Farbenmix Zwergenverpackung. The top is Hilco's pink rayure knit. The dress is Robert Kaufman Cool Cords in an apple print. The leggings are cotton/spandex knit.

It's been really rainy and wet, so I haven't managed to take photos of the other things I've made lately.

And the house, it still incomplete. I'm completely over it. I really hope we see some major happenings here in the next couple of weeks. My mother arrives at the end of March. The house just has to be finished by then!


toadstooldots said...

nice to hear that you not turned to a vampire ;-) and managed to go to the craft room and finished these cute Zwergen-combo.

I'll keep the fingers crossed that your house is finished when your parents arrive and you can enjoy the new space with them.

Today enjoy the sun!

Sarah-Jo said...

Sara! Im the same and devoured the sookie books and have S1 just waiting for S2 to be released here in OZ!

in the meantime Ive just gotten into the TV series Madmen you should really check it out, its worlds away from Trueblood but I think you will enjoy it none the less

the out fit is super cute the dress in my fave love those apples

michal said...

I think this clothing set is adorable. Love it!

Tas said...

Gorgeous set Sara. Off you go and find another series to read while the renos get finished!

Gilly said...

Love this set...I so need to read these books now!

Steffi said...

Nice to hear from you again,Sara! I love your set of "Zwergenpackung".Really cute and the fabrics are great!

Michelle said...

Oh, I was eyeing off the Sookie books at the bookshop today - are they really good?

Love the outfit, that apple cord is fantastic.