Monday, February 22, 2010

I'm a nail biter

I can tell that I am really stressed because my nails are becoming nonexistent.  The house stuff is coming along.  Getting the floorboards polished is going to be a huge endeavour.  It's the one big hurdle that we have.  I'm trying to coordinate a few different things around here to happen.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah.  I have sewn a few things that I want to share.  They are for the Crafty Mamas Congo Cart.  I'm not sure if I am even supposed to be talking about it.  I'll definitely let you know when it launches.

A couple of Imke tops from hand dyed cotton/spandex French terry.  This is the 'old' Imke pattern, not the regraded one in SCKL.  The girl version has Luzia Pimpinella's Peace & Love embroideries.  Enjoy the Love Bus here because I don't think you'll see it again for a while.    The boy version is embellished with Jolijou's Little Devil embroideries.

Back view hand dyed Imkes

An Apple Lore set. Embroidery by Luzia Pimpinella - Flotti Frutti
Apple Lore

A Strawberry Lore top with SommerLiebe skirt. Embroidery by Luzia Pimpinella - Flotti Frutti
strawberry lore top and sommerliebe skirt


naomi said...

love the ribbons on the hood, and love the lore outfits! That patterns is fantastic.
And I think the kitchen will be totally worth the wait. Floor boards make a nice background for your photos:)

Carla said...

I dont suppose you'd consider selling the Apple Lore early would you ROFL

isi LiV said...

That`s so cute... :-)
LG, Heike

Sarah said...

All so cute!! The strawberry top is my fave though.

And I had no idea that Imke was changed for the book! What's the difference?

Snowdrops and Mudpie said...

Oh, poor fingers. I tear my cuticles when I get stressed. Ouch.
But you must be nearly there if the floors are being done!!

All your sewing is cute, but I also like the strawberry top best. That's such a cute set.

Gilly said...

Amazing as always!

{Nic} Nicole Hildebrandt said...

i am a nail-biter too...

hang in there, girl! :)

love the fun clothes you sewed! they bring in some very happy mood!


Steffi said...

Really beautiful clothes which you sewed and fabrics too!

Karen said...

Everything is gorgeous as usual Sara, you are so talented!

As for the word....acrylics ;) I have fabo nails and they are all fake!! - haha