Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meet Rebecca

mollie n rebecca

Rebecca Rubin joined our household when Grandma arrived last month. My mother really wanted to give Mollie this doll because of 'her story'. Rebecca is a Russian-Jewish girl growing up in 1914 in New York City. My great-grandmother's name was Rebecca and she was from Russia, and yes, she was Jewish. Rebecca came in a beautiful outfit, but Mollie and I thought she need some more clothes.
rebecca kyoko

Rebecca's outfit is a ModKids Mini Kyoko. Mollie and I are both pleased with it. The pattern went together so easily, and the directions were excellent. I think I might have to try my mini Frida pattern next.

I might try to put together a Frida in the midst of my Redondo-fest. Yes, I've started working again, so I might go a little quiet while I working on this batch of skirts.


toadstooldots said...

Hi Rebecca, nice to meet you. Your new outfit looks fabulous! ;-)

Sarah-Jo said...

Lovely to meet you rebecca it sounds like you have alot in common with moo....isnt that wonderful!

Lovely new dress the pattern is brillant and the fabric you've chosen is very becoming!

Wollzipfel... Hani sälber gmacht said...


Wunderschön sieht die Kleidung an deiner Tochter aus!!!!

Super toll!

Und die Puppenkleidung ist auch mega süss!!!!

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz,

Steffi said...

Hi Rebecca,nice to meet you!Great story about Rebecca,Sara!

Tanya said...

That is a great story Sara. I like Rebecca's dress ( I love that Sandi Henderson Henna print), and Moo's clothes too!

mermaids said...

oooh... rebecca is one of my faves. she came out shortly after my boys bought a "just like me" doll for my birthday. the dress is beautiful