Friday, May 21, 2010

What's for dinner?

Can you guess from the photo?
what's for dinner?

Nice and yummy chicken soup with all organic ingredients. I used to have a wild parsley patch in my backyard, but the extension was built over it. I did try to forage for some a while back as the seeds used to blow around the yard, and we'd have random parsley sprouting up, but there was none to be found. The parsley in my soup came from Angela's front yard veggie patch. Only thing missing is matzo balls, but I don't have any matzo meal to make them.


zofia said...

I've never tried matzo balls, but chicken soup is our biggest fav. around here. Yumm.
My Mum is the one with the wild parsley patch...I'm trying!

Tas said...

You had me at soup. Love winter nights with a big bowl of home made soup and fresh warm bread. But I think I can honestly say that my soup has always been matzo ball free. What is a matzo ball? Your US background has some intriguing foodie the sour cherry thing :)

toadstooldots said...

Hmm, looks promising.

I had also to google for matzo meal, sounds interesting. My mum makes similar balls from ordinary breadcrumbs and butter and ???

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

sorry to hear that you lost your parsley. I was thinking of you the other day as now I am cooking in the laundry and my kitchen is in the hallway ... reminded me of your pics.

Organic chooks at Woolies? Man I have been gone a long time, how good is that!

Kat said...

My DS is salivating at the idea of matzo balls! I've never tried them though - I should make them! Where do you get matzo meal Sara? Kat xx

willow and moo said...

Kat - matzo meal could be found at a deli possibly. Is there an area in Brissy where there is Jewish synagogue? You'd be able to find it near there more than likely. I have bought matzo meal at Coles in Chatswood. I know that doesn't help you, but gives you and idea where to look. Or you could just look for a nice dumpling recipe.

Clo, you have been gone a long time! Woolies has had a selection of organic meat and produce for a while. They always have organic milk too, and my fave Danish organic butter (Harmonie). I feel so bad for buying Danish butter, but it so much nicer than the Aussie product. They also make an organic spreadable butter that is excellent.

Steffi said...

A matzo meal sounds interesting for me.I must go to google what it is.But I am sure it will be delicious.Enjoy it,Sara!