Friday, September 24, 2010

A5 size covered journals

Mollie had a birthday party last weekend.  We decided on a covered journal as the gift.  Moo picked the design.  I did the rest.

I think the embroidery design would have looked a bit better if I had threaded my bobbin correctly.  With my machine, I have to thread the bobbin through a little finger to increase tension while I am doing embroidery.  I had forgotten to do it!   I took a photo of the back of the embroidery. 
You can see there is lots of white, but really there should be more colour like down on the back of the name.  I ran out of bobbin thread when I got to the name and that is when I discovered my mistake.   The design took me an hour to stitch out, so I wasn't keen to do it over.  I figured a 7 year old girl wasn't going to be that critical!

When I set up to do embroidery, I usually have several projects in mind because if I am going to set up to do it and drag out all of my supplies, I might as well do as much as I can.   So I embroidered some more designs for journal covers.  (all of these designs are by Luzia Pimpinella and are available at Huups.)
a5covered journals
Mollie took the gnome one to school today.  It's a gift for a teacher who is leaving the school. 


toadstooldots said...

The covers are wonderful.
I try to do the same, if I start to assemble my embroidery machine and look for all the bits and pieces what you need to do it :-)

Chantal said...

They look fantastic! I'm so out of touch with what one can achieve with a home sewing machine. Amazing.

Tas said...

Stunning Sara. Love that paisley!

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Love them. The other day I did a stitch out took an hour. and it was only after stopping and starting a gazillion times because the threads were breaking that I realised I was missing a notch when threading the machine - DOH, when you don't use it - you lose it LOL.

The covers look really nice and I like the fabric on the inside too.

michal said...

it is so pretty! I just baught an embroidery machine and I can't wait till it arrives and I get to try it out!

Nathalie said..., so nice!!!!
♥ Nathalie

Lena said...

They are so beautiful!

LG Lena

Louise said...

They are so beautiful! You certainly can't tell that anything is wrong from the front :)

Liz said...

These are so fantastic Sara :)

Also, I nominated you for an award on my blog ;)

Steffi said...

The covers looks wonderful,Sara!Great work!