Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nighty night

I saw this very cute nightdress pattern in Ottobre last year, 06/09 #38.  I thought Moo could use a couple of new nightdresses for summer.  I also saw this as an opportunity to use up some stash.  The floral knit was purchased through a co-op and when it arrived here, I looked at it and thought, "what the!?!?!".  The pink ballerina fairy knit is very sweet, but is too cutesy for everyday clothes for Miss Moo.

I'd had these nightdresses cut out for a few weeks, but other things got in the way and truth be told I was trying to work up the courage to use the binder attachment for my cover stitch machine.  In the past I'd had mixed results with the binder. This time around I thought I would try two things that I learned at Bernina club when they demonstrated the binder for the sewing machines.  
1.  Don't try to sew too close to the edge.  If you sew too close, then it has a tendency to sew off the edge.   When I sew binding down on my sewing machine, I stitch quite close to the edge, so I had to change my usual habit.
2. Starch the binding strip.

And here's what I ended up with...
binding closeup
Success!!!  Once I had the binder set, it all worked with no fuss!

The completed nightdresses
pink nightdress


Kaja said...

And you're gonna let her sleep in those?? Those are party dresses in my book!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

you know the more I look at that second knit the more I like it, I can see why you got it.

Just love the nightie dresses!

The Handmaden said...

Wow, I wish my binding looked like that, it looks really professional!
You're not working for Crisp are you? (heh, heh)

nerines said...

Gorgeous dresses! I think your amazing for working with that fabric and getting such a spot on result!!

sue niven said...

just lovely! well done, far too pretty for nightdresses though!

toadstooldots said...

Wonderful dresses! I love the flowers and colours on the yellow fabric.
And your binding looks perfect!!!

Louise said...

They are lovely, I wouldn't mind wearing those myself ;)

Karen said...

That binding finish is fabulous Sara - so professional.
Love the colours.