Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For some cheeky devils

We've been super busy here with our visitor, but I've managed to sneak in a bit of sewing and embroidery. I really wanted to make a couple of shirts for my cousin's boys. They (really my cousin's wife!) were kind enough to send some presents over for Will & Moo, so I wanted to send something back with my mom.
little devils Imke 0711

Pattern: SCKL Imke
Fabrics: Stella knit (from Crafty Mamas)
Embroidery: Little Devil by Jolijou

I also did a couple of embroideries for my mom of a wire fox terrier. I only managed to do two because the design is 35000 stitches and took forever to stitch out!

And I finally managed to piece together the backing for my quilt. I have the wadding and now I need to cut the binding. Then I need to face up to sandwiching and pinning. I have everything here that I need. If only I had the energy for it. The constant trips everywhere are very tiring for this introvert!


Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Lol, love the embroidery. Oh Sara, the kids have grown so much!!!

cherri said...

Love the colours and crazy monster applique - your mum has been down for many months now. You are a great host!

Rainbow Made said...

They look perfect Sara..I love this embroidery set too :)

Cath said...

Love those little monsters... the ones on the shirts...not the ones inside - as I'm sure they are little angels!!!