Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lounge chooks

stuffed chook ginger blossom style

Chook #1 out of mainly Ginger Blossom fabrics. This chook is a gift for a friend. She doesn't read my blog or really blogs in general, so it's safe to post now. I made this bird at the annual Crafty Mamas craft retreat. I spent most of last weekend sewing and eating a lot of Malteasers and LAUGHING.

I didn't sew this bird at the retreat. I put it together and home and realised that I'd done most of the work, so might as well sew it up at home.
stuffed chook n quilt

Our lounge chook was made to match the quilt for our lounge which is a copy of my friend, Milly's quilt.

I sewed the quilt top at the retreat.
quilt top

The bird cushion is the Hello Birdie pattern by The Red Thread. Great little pattern for whipping up something very cute in a short amount of time. Thank you to Lisa at The Red Thread for giving this pattern to everyone who attended Sew It Together this year.


Milly said...

It looks perfect on your couch Sara. I'm still loving mine and it's a favorite on my couch during the cold weather.

Tanya said...

cute chookies- love a splash of 'henna garden'! great quilt. clever one, glad you had a fun weekend.

Cass said...

Awesome Sara and the quilt is so soft.

Gifts Created said...

OMG totally in love looks amazing Sarah and feels just as good will really come in handy for thoes cold nights on the lounge snuggled up to the one's you love!

monART said...

GOSH you've been busy at the retreat. Looks L*O*V*E*L*Y

Anonymous said...

I love it Sara! Can you make me one? :)