Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Going Dotty

I've wanted to make these pants since this pattern came out, but I could never find the time. I also hadn't found the right fabric. I was afraid of a fly zipper. Afraid of not being able to do it just right. Marie suggested the Jalie instructions for a fly zipper. Thank you Marie. The instructions worked a treat.

Funny thing is that you can't see the zipper because the apron covers it!

Pattern: Farbenmix Roberta
Fabric: Cord from Spotlight, patchwork printed poplin Stenzo from Bunte Fabrics.
Embroidery: Milli Zwergenschoen from Galerie Tausendschoen; Hedgie from Kunterbunt Design.

roberta front

roberta - apron

roberta - embroidery Milli

roberta - side leg pocket


Moo loves them.


Tas said...

I am not surprised that Moo loves them. They are just superb Sara!

michal said...

These are so great! I never looked at this pattern before... now I do :-)

Tanya said...

oooh, ahhhhh.
I WISH my girl would love them.
I reckon your Moo and you have pretty cool taste!
And my girl? Well, her tastes may be slightly different to mine!

toadstooldots said...

Fabulous pants!!!
And I can spot even rainbow socks on Moos feet :-))

Peta said...

Gorgeous Sara! I've been thinking about sewing these pants for ages, it's great to see what you've done with the pattern.

Lola Nova said...

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous!!!
I love them. As always, you have done such beautiful work!