Monday, June 6, 2011

Chilly cold today

It was cold in Sydney town today. It was a good reason to wear my super cool fingerless gloves.
fingerless gloves

My friend, Peta, knit these, and she also knit these wrist warmers for Moo.
mushie wrist warmers

Moo was also the recipient of this fabbo bean knitted by Suzanne.

Suzanne also knit me a gorgeous headband which I haven't photographed, but I've been wearing. Love it!


toadstooldots said...

OMG, how cool are these gloves and wrist them...
and Moo looks just cute with her new hat, lovely smile!

Tas said...

You are lucky that you got out of the retreat with those gloves in your many people were covetting them! Gosh, Moo's smile is beautiful.

monART said...

oh peta has done a wonderfull job! I love the photo's :) gosh molly is growing and growing! Ever so beautiful

cherri said...

Very cute - love the photo of your daughter what a sweet, bright face she has!

'jolijou' said...

These are so cute Sarah!!

♥Fliegepilzli♥ said...

♥ cool!!!!
glg nathalie