Thursday, June 30, 2011

If ya got it

flaunt it. This is what Rainbow Girl came out wearing last Saturday.
rainbow brite

She knit that scarf at school last term. Rainbow clothes you've seen before.

I have some other bits to blog. We've just been really busy with Grandma visiting.


Jes said...

AAAAA LOVE it, I just adore your rainbow collection :)

Tanya said...

Your girl is cool!
And, how fun, grandma bought pressies, didn't she? Enjoy! And, of course, it goes with out saying, enjoy time with Grandma, not just the stuff she bought!!

Jen said...

Awesome! It's a good thing my rainbow-mad niece isn't looking over my shoulder or she'd be begging me for something similar (to her mother's great dismay).

Tas said...

2 good things-
you wont lose her in a crowd
she looks absolutely gorgeous!

Peta said...

She looks gorgeous Sara. :)

Kate said...

I just love this to bits!
She totally rocks it.
Have a fab weekend.