Monday, June 13, 2011

Making marshmallows

I've made marshmallows before, and I used powdered gelatin. I always thought I could taste the gelatin in the finished product which is icky to me. I don't really groove on gelatin at the best of times. A few weeks back on MasterChef a pastry chef mentioned that leaf gelatin doesn't have the same sort of flavour issues. This prompted me to grab some leaf gelatin last time I was at Chefs Warehouse.

I don't cook a lot with gelatin, but I wanted to have a play with my new ingredient, so I did a google search for marshmallow recipes using leaf gelatin. I found a very easy to follow recipe at the delightful Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

Pan prepared. I would recommend a thicker coating of cornflour/icing mixture. My marshmallow stuck to the pan a little, but I was able to pry it off.
marshmallow - prepared pan

Egg whites whisked (loving my glass bowl for the Kitchen Aid!)
marshmallow - egg whitesf

Sugar syrup boiling
marshmallow - sugar syrup

Used my Thermapen to check the temp of the syrup (couldn't take the photo while holding it in the syrup)
marshmallow - thermapen

Leaf gelatin soaking. Super easy to use. It dissolved into hot sugar/egg whites with no issues. Magic!
marshmallow - leaf gelatine

Egg white & sugar syrup being whisked up
marshmallow - whipping after sugar syrup added

In the pan
marshmallow - in tin

Being sliced
marshmallow - cutting

The assistant tosses the cut marshmallows in cornflour/icing mixture
marshmallow - the assistant

All done
marsmallow - cut pieces

We did make rocky road with half of the marshmallows. I think the kids will eat the other ones or maybe they will be used with hot chocolate.


toadstooldots said...

hmmm, that looks yummy!
I love marshmallows in my coffee...

cherri said...

mmm looka great! I make a cake icing which is like a marshmallows frosting - delicious!

Tanya said...

yeah, I know what you mean about that gelantiney taste- I wonder how these were, I have never used leaf gelatine, thanks for that link.

Little Munchkins said...

I would never have thought to make marshmallows myself. My kids do enjoy marshmallows by itself every so often. I prefer mine in hot chocolate.

Love that pic of your assistant with cornflour/icing on her face. Too cute!

Mary said...

Yum! Mandy was reading over my shoulder so now you what I need to make too don't you. Is the thermometer essential?

Karen said...

That looks seriously delicious Sara - I could bury my face in that tray of uncooked marshmallow!!

Tas said...

Might have to give that a go. You aren't a "cover-your-marshmallow-in-toasted-coconut" girl? Is that an Aussie thing?