Monday, September 26, 2011

Having a bit more fun

It was rainy and dreary in Sydney yesterday which was perfect for my planned day.  I had invited our friends for dinner, and we had a playdate scheduled for today.  For dinner I made slow cooked barbacoa beef which I neglected to photograph.  I love that recipe as it yields a tender shredded beef which is reminiscent of Texas bbq which I am unable to get here.
Going with the bbq theme I also made potato salad.  I used the Thermomix to steam the potatoes and cook the eggs.  It worked a treat.  If I wanted to be super gourmet, I could have made my own mayo, but I always have to be mindful of what I eat, so I used Hellman's/Best Foods light mayonnaise.

potato salad
I made coleslaw with the Thermomix too.  That was super easy peasy.  Again I used the light mayo.

I also made soft buttermilk rolls in the Thermomix.  I thought the meat on a roll with coleslaw would be super yummy.  I was right.  The recipe is from the super awesome Tenina.  She has a superb website of recipes that use the Thermomix.

soft buttermilk rolls
But wait there's complete the meal I made frozen margaritas in the machine.

dinner table
I'm still annoyed that I didn't manage to snap a photo with the meat in it!
And more!  I made caramel popcorn (no Thermomix used here!) for our playdate today.  It's always a hit, and it is ALL gone, the whole half sheet pan.

caramel corn
I also started these divine biscuits.
chocolate thins
Today I finished them.  I did half mint and the other half orange.  To do orange I used some Boyajian pure orange oil.

chocolate mint thins
That's all for now.  Really!


Tanya said...

Wow, what a cookfest, love the choc orange combo

Tas said...

How about a post about what is bad about a Thermomix lol. far that would be the most persuasive selling point for Al :P
It's all yum. I want to eat your whole blog post.

Mary said...

Ok that's it, I'm coming to live with you! My old neighbour was a thermomix demonstrator so I'm well versed in what they can do