Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Some colour on a dreary day

It's overcast here in Sydney.  My friend, Helen, issued a rainbow challenge over on Crafty Mamas to help brighten our day. 

I've just finished ironing redondo pieces for 6 rainbow redondo skirts, and giving 6 pairs of rainbow leggings a final press before tags are sewn on.

todays ironing
So I've looked at plenty of rainbows today.  There's some proof that I have been crafting and not just cooking.

Here's what is running around the house and backyard at the moment.

rainbow princess
That is my most favourite silk that I've ever dyed.  I'm still wondering why I gave it to the kids!


Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

Beautiful way to start the day. I'll have to go
Kid wrangle Heather and get her in her rainbows now.

Marie said...

Beautiful - I wonder what moo is playing. I used to love wear scarves on my head as a girl but I never had a pretty rainbow one.

Sally said...

So gorgeous. Loving all that wonderful colour.
Thanks for bringing a smile to my dial :)

Jen said...

Such gorgeous stuff! Are you doing any custom orders any time soon? My younger daughter saw your Redondo in SCKL and she's been begging me for one. If not, no worries. Just thought I'd ask.

H said...

Love the rainbow headgear, I meant to mention that the other day! Still wet and dreary here today so I needed a bit more rainbow therapy! ;)

Cath said...

Hi Sara, I have been meaning to email you for ages about a redondo skirt for Lily. Can you please let me know when you are making your next batch as I would love to get one for her. Many thanks, Cath
P.S. Looks like you've been having fun with the Thermomix...been thinking about one of those too!